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What You Should Know About Pool Maintenance

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If you own a pool, then you’ll definitely need a pool service. The problem is that some pool service companies don’t want you to learn about certain things about pools. That’s how they protect what they refer to as the industry secret. There are many distinct kinds of pool repair and maintenance companies. From family businesses to multi-million-dollar establishments, it’s difficult to know which company can best serve you. 

It pays to know more about these secrets so you can decide in your own favor.  Below is a list of some of the things that a pool company won’t tell you. It is for the same reason why you must only hire reputable Marin pool repair experts.  

1. Skipped schedules 

Some technicians have a lot of pools to maintain in their list. If this is the case, then they will most likely skip cleaning your pool for a week or so and just try to make up for it later on. There are unreliable pool maintenance technicians that will do this, and it won’t work well for you because, by the time they arrive, you might have to pay for more chemicals than you have to. This is the common issue with fast-growing swimming pool companies that are basking in the profits but aren’t too keen about adding more people to their roster. 

2. National pool service company flaws 

There seem to be high turnover rates when you hire large national companies to fix your swimming pool. In addition, many of these pool businesses are hiring inexperienced staff and are providing them with minimal training. The pool technicians that they hire are usually chemists, plumbers, and engineers.  

3. Expensive pool supplies and chemicals 

You might be amazed to find out that some people are saying that their pool repair company that is charging them a very expensive monthly flat rate had charged for using additional chemicals when their monthly bill arrives. This is can be considered as an unscrupulous act. If this happens to you, go back to the contract and see where it says that they are authorized to add more chemicals to your pool without your consent.   

4. Using old parts for pool repairs 

Repairs count for the biggest revenue sources of pool service companies. Some unscrupulous pool companies will get parts and supplies automobile shops so that they can obtain it for a fraction of the cost but will charge you heftily for it. They’ll charge you for the part and for the time they spent in repairing your pool. To prevent being a victim of this, it is highly recommended that you hire a reputable Marin pool repair company.  

5. Unlicensed service providers 

When it comes to the pool repair industry, the licensing procedures can get rather confusing. Oftentimes, the rules will depend on where you’re located. It is best that you contact the local government offices that manage these businesses and find out what are the requirements for doing business in your area. Your service provider should comply with all these rules. 

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